Friday, January 24, 2014

My Wall Project :: Finally complete!

Sooo, my living room does not have many useable walls when it comes to decorating, but there is one wall in the corner that works out pretty well. The beautiful bookcase my husband made me is there. The amazing coat rack my father-in-law made us is there. It is kind of my favorite little place in the house. But I have never really had the time to decorate it properly and it has always turned into a dumping ground for everything taken out of pockets and whatnot. Seriously, flat surfaces should not be allowed in my house.

Anyway, I have been decorating this space in my head for forever and I have slowly collected things I've seen and loved. Well, last night I finally finished the last painting project and I can proudly say my wall is now complete and I am love, love, loving it!

How beautiful are my bookcase and my walnut coat rack?
I've had the large frames for years. They were from Michael's barnwood collection. I love them! The smaller frames are from Wal-Mart and the dollar store! They matched perfectly with the rustic/blue/metallic silver look I wanted.

The "crown of thorns," as my husband has taken to calling it, is also a dollar store find. It kind of reminds me more of a bird's nest. The F inside (for our last name) is something my husband cut out of wood for me and I painted a metallic silver with black on the edges. I love it! To attach it to the wall I super glued some thumb tacks on the back. Worked perfectly!
I love, love the books on the wall. They are mounted using a metal bookend that I bent and the hubs screwed into the wall. The bottom book has it's back cover taped to the pages and the bookend is slipped inside so they look like they are floating!
I love horseshoes (obviously!) These two are super rusty and awesome!
And, seriously, how cute are my babies?

These are some fun little pieces I found at Big Lots. (I'm a total bargain shopper.) I just loved the messages and little bit of Americana and they went perfectly with my color scheme and were super cheap so I couldn't pass them up! (Excuse the horrid photos. This is what happens when baby girl decides she needs to get into everything.)
This little gem is my pride and joy! I am so in love with this elk! I had a ton of burlap laying around and an empty space on the wall to fill so I found this elk silhouette online and made this little beauty! It was a serious pain in the neck involving a computer that would not cooperate and a two piece stencil that thankfully pieced together correctly. I taped the stencil on the burlap and dabbed black paint with a foam brush and voila! I was scared out of my mind to take that stencil off and see what was underneath but it worked perfectly and now I'm kind of obsessed with the whole process!

This is the top of my bookcase. The top photo are my Portugal goodies that were brought back to me by my sister when she took a trip there last year! The Portugal rooster, a doily crocheted by local women, a small hand-painted tile and the photo is of the last standing wall in a house that my great, great grandfather lived in. Amazing family history.

The others are just a collection of jars and books and things that I loved. And a photo of my beautiful Ava. The sweet dream box is where the hubs empties all the junk out of his pockets and it stays hidden!

So that is my wall project! And, I believe, my first non-food post! Go me! My grand scheme is not yet complete so I will have more to share with you all, hopefully soon!

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