Sunday, July 21, 2013

I {heart} Disney!

So, like most people, I love me some Disney. The movies, not so much the Land (too many people if you ask me.) And, like most people, I have a ton of the movies. And, like most people, I always threw away those annoying little papers that practically jump out when you open the case. Until last year when I actually read one of them and checked out the Disney Movie Rewards. I thought "Hey, I'm buying their movies, they might as well reward me, right?" And I kinda became obsessed.

If you don't know, Disney movies all come with a little paper that has a code on it.

Go online, enter the code, collect points, get stuff. You also get points through their newsletter, usually only 5-10 but they add up. Last year, they ran a promotion honoring ALL expired codes. I tore threw my movie collection and ended up with enough points to get my son a few extra Christmas gifts. For free. That's right... FREE. My favorite 4 letter word... okay one of them ;)

They also have what is called the Disney Movie Club. After a couple years of weighing my decision (indecisive, much?), I finally joined a few weeks ago. I was hesitant because it's one of those things where they send you a mailer and if you don't respond they automatically send you the Featured Title and charge you for it. I wasn't quite sure I would remember to respond and I was afraid I would end up with a bunch of movies I didn't want. But then I found out you can just check your account online and respond there. So, of course, I joined. Yeah, there's a catch... or two I guess. 1) You have to remember to respond. 2) You have to buy 5 movies through them within 2 years. I figured I was going to do that anyway so why not? In the beginning you get to choose 5 movies for $1 each and you have the option of choosing another at a discounted price that will go towards your purchase commitment. So, I just received 5 Blu-rays and 1 DVD for $22 and now I only have to buy 4 more within 2 years. It was kind of a no-brainer.

Also, when you join, you get 500 Reward Points! And you still get the 100-150 points that are in each movie! I'm a serious junkie so this was the most exciting part for me! And come Christmas, I'll have a couple extra gifts for the kiddos.


I have in no way been compensated by Disney for my glowing remarks. I just really love the program and thought I'd share my experience.

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